Easy Treatments

Treatments Made Easy

The Need
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With the ongoing recent developments around the world due to the global pandemic Covid-19, entire countries are enforcing lockdown and people are restricted to quarantine. Social distancing is the way to curb the spread of the virus effectively. Companies are introducing work from home measures. In fact, we are gearing towards a new social order, where the consumers and the service providers are equally working from the confines of their homes.

For any business, to stay in business, it is the need of the hour now, to introduce new ways of working and to ensure new ways of dispensing its services to the public. The overall population especially in the United Arab Emirates, is smartphone literate, with almost every household, having access to laptops, tabs, smartphones.

We can leverage the perks of the internet combined with this smartphone reach, to bridge the gap, between consumers and the service providers.

The medical industry is the most affected and the one that needs to innovate during this time. Almost entire resources are dedicated to the treatment of COVID-19 cases, whereas other essential treatment services are blocked due to quarantine measures. Patients who are not COVID-19 threats are literally stopped from getting their concerns addressed.

The Idea
Leverage the online platform to connect patients to doctors, for the first-level (L1) consultation. Only if the doctor feels that the patient requires specific, personal attention, then the patient needs to visit the doctor as a second level.

EazeTx© is our innovative online software suite connecting Doctors, Labs, Pharmacies mainly. Along with connecting patients so that the entire medical consultation to medicine dispersal cycle is brought under one roof, while patient and the doctor stays at home for a majority of cases.

Our solution

EazeTx© is primarily, an online platform for individual or a group of doctors to record, track and update their patient consultation details. Patients can be registered one time, and EazeTx will help doctors to track their patient consultation, past history, complaints, medicine, and procedures online. A complete solution designed to give on-demand access to caregivers and a best-in-class direct to consumer telemedicine system to capture new patients.
In all these scenarios, there is ease of treatment access for the patient and faster treatment decisions are made by the doctor. In case of mild complaints, the patient need not even leave his house. Going forward, this will reduce waiting times at the clinic too.

Online portal for patients to book appointments

An online portal for doctor bookings to the general public will be available, eazetx.com/ezbookme.com©, to reduce wait times for consultation.
Mobile Apps for exbookme.com and eazeTx.com
Mobile apps to cater to the smartphone generation, both for the patients and for the doctors.
This is our very own innovative concept, developed by a board of established doctors. We worked in a hospital for more than 2 years, in India, where we understood the needs of the common man, and the gaps in the current healthcare industry.

This innovative solution will help the medical field make leaps towards digitization, where the focus is on reducing the gap between the patient and the doctor. All medical industry players are working in silos, which we aim to change, and bring in more collaboration between all these players.

Single Page Consultation

Doctor can able to create medicine prescription template and investigation template for most common diseases or specialist patients’ groups.

Configurable Data

Configurable data capturing based on doctors needs. Different template for differnt specialities based on doctor's requirements.

Transfer Patient

Can transfer a patient from one doctor to another, including previous consultation details. By that way its eazy to handle the patient.